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Color: Green Beige


※ Make sure you check the shipping info before your purchase, please. 

The benefits of the original stroller bag still remain and has upgraded with more detailed storage space, sturdier fabric, and let’s you have a stabilized outing with your child.

Product Details

• Please make sure to check the total length of the mount.

•The inner and outer fabric is lightweight and is made of 100% Polyester and water proof on the outer fabric. 

There are adjustable double-sided Velcro straps to attach to the stroller and also turns into a shoulder bag.

The inner buckle adds extra safety to prevent the bag from opening at all times.

It features a flexible elastic band that expands the opening of the bag.

• Handy zipper pockets to store and organize items. 

Designed for better balance on stroller

• Made in South Korea, the original manufacturer


1. Attach double – sided Velcro strap to the stroller

2. Attach bottom button strap to the stroller 


The stroller can fall over if the product is attached to a stroller’s handle,
while not being cautious, so please attach the product to the bottom frame.

Please use accordingly to the type of stroller you own.

It can be impossible to attach depending on the model of your stroller.
Please check the measurements of the stroller bag before purchasing.


Stabilized center of gravity

The stroller bag is attached to the stroller's frame, which prevents the stroller with a lot of stuff from tipping over backwards and keeps the center of gravity stable.



Material: 100% Polyester woven with Ripstop fabric

- Increased durability with strongly woven fabric

- Resistant to tearing and ripping & Prevents leakage with water resistance 


Product Care

- Machine wash with lukewarm water under 86ºF in a laundry net.

- Wipe away stains with a wet tissue or wash seperately with neutral detegent.

- Do not dry clean or tumble dry.

- Do not use chlorine-oxygen bleach.

- Improper washing can bring damage to the product.

Ease parenting and outings with your child

Inspired by traveling with children and outdoor activities, Gooseket fulfills parents' desire to experience various things with their children.
Upgrade your parenting and enjoy more with a simple and functional design.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dee Marie
The best investment I’ve made in a long time!

This bag is amazing. I can fit so much stuff in it and the best part is the stroller will never tip. It fits perfectly on the bottom of the stroller and easily holds a days worth of stuff. Amazing product!

Thank you so much for your kind words and for choosing GOOSEKET! We are thrilled to hear that our stroller bag has been a great investment for you. It's wonderful to know that it can hold so much and keep your stroller from tipping. We hope it continues to make your outings easier and more organized.

Love it

So practical and spacious. Love that it attaches lower down on the pram too

Thank you for your positive feedback on our product! We're so happy to hear that you find it practical and spacious, and that you appreciate the lower attachment on the pram. We hope it continues to make your stroller outings easier and more enjoyable. Happy strolling!