Nursing Cover

A must-have item

GOOSEKET Multi-Cover

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Breast-feeding Cover

With a comfortable wearing sensation, it provides a cozy space for your baby.

We guarantee your child will sleep well.

Put on the cover when your child falls asleep in the car seat or stroller.

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High Chair & Shopping Cart

We are exposed to many viruses and germs, use it safely even on the high chairs or shopping carts at grocery stores, department stores, or restaurants.

Fashionable Scarf

Fashionable Scarf When you don’t use it on your child, just simply put it on to yourself.

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This product is for our kids, so every material has been chosen with care

Did you know that Tencel fabric
that has a great soft texture on the skin?

Plant-based material

Tecel is an eco-friendly fabric that is 100% derived from trees.

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It is widely used for baby product because it is more absorptive than cotton, and is softer than silk.

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Improved permeability

so it doesn’t irritate the skin and prevents bacteria from growing.

Breast-feeding is one of the most precious gifts that a mama can give to her baby.

Breast milk is rich in DHA and arachidonic acid that are linked to brain development.
It’s not only helpful to a baby’s immunity, but also lowers the baby’s risk of having allergies.

Breastfeeding strengthens a baby’s emotional development and builds a stable bond with mom because of the skin-to-skin touching, eye contact. The mana can also quickly return to the pre-pregnancy state through breastfeeding.
A mama has to breastfeed more than 8 times in a day, for every 2~3 hours. So, mamas sometimes undergo unexpected or physical challenges.
GOOSEKET nursing cover relieves mom from facing those kinds of troubles. Let GOOSEKET help you out doing convenient breast-feedings anywhere out home.