Water-Resistant Pantskirt

Water-Resistant Pantskirt
It has three colors: Gray, Blue, Pink.
And designed for unisex use.

If you are worried that your child may have an accident while sleeping in a new environment such as daycare, or at a friend’s house, you can let them wear this.

The child model was 33 months, 36 inches, 30 lb. And the size was sufficient for a child that size. Please check the size table and comfort of wearing.

Comfortable Wearing Sensation Even While Sleeping

With a wide leg opening that looks like a tulip, the child can move around comfortably.

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Button That Hold the Pants Securely

This button will hold the pants securely even if your child tosses and turns while sleeping.

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Special Waistband With High Elasticity

With a high elasticity special waistband, it minimizes the discomfort caused by tight waistbands.



How to get your child out of diapers at night.

If you want your baby to not use diapers at night, the best way is to compliment them! If they succeed in not wearing it, please give them lots of compliments! If they peed on their pajamas, then do not blame them, but please tell them “You must feel uncomfortable, it’s okay~ it can happen. I’ll change your pants right away~ But next time, if you want to pee, please tell mom, okay?”.

Usually it takes 2~4 weeks for a child to get used to it and completely not wear diapers when they sleep.