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GOOSEKET Diaper Changing Pad


※ Make sure you check the shipping info before your purchase, please. 

Perfect Gift for Pregnant Moms !!

Product details

• Mat : Use as sleeping mat, When baby wants asleep while out

• Pocket : Useful pocket for baby's essential like extra diapers, wet wipes etc.


• It features a one-hand use design, which makes it easy to change your baby's diapers while you are out on your own with the baby

* It can be a small difference in how you measure it.

• Age : About 0 - 3 Years

• Fabric : (outer, inner fabric, filling) 100% Polyester

• Package include : Diaper changing pad + Pearl button


Folding with one hand

This product is 100% handmade, thus the quilting design may look slightly different on each product

The button may have scratch but it's due to its material feature, not a defect

It may wrinkle based on how you fold it. This is the natural character of this product, and is not considered a defect.

Lovely design

3 beautiful colors to choose

• It may appear to be different colors depending on your screen mode or lights difference.

Lovely hand-made quilted patterns design with cute pearl closer


• From quilted to seams to finishing, we ensure that every step is Handmade with love, delivering only the best quality.

(there can be slight differences in quilting)

• Pearl closer can have little scratches – it’s not a defect of the product. Naturally caused.

• Wrinkles can be caused by how you fold the item.

Care instruction

Machine washable with laundry net

1. Hand wash recommended

2. 30℃ water recommended

3. When product gets stained, wash it immediately

4. Use neutral detergent

5. Dry in a shady area


Takes up minimal space in your diaper bag.

1. Diaper changing pad - quick and easy to use when you are out with the baby on your own.

2. Sleeping mat - when baby wants asleep while out

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