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Q : Can toddlers over 48 months use the sling?

A : Yes! If your toddler is under the weight limit, which is 44lbs, then your toddler can still use the sling. However, as your toddler grows, we recommend carrying your toddler from the front instead of sideways. Please refer to the photos

Q : Can I wear 2 slings at once?

A :Unfortunately, we don’t recommend using 2 slings at once. Please use 1 sling at a time.

Q : Can I wear the sling for long periods of time?

A : Our product is made to be used forshort periods of time, for example, making errands, taking a short walk, at the grocery store, and etc. If you wear the sling for long periods of time, you canfeel discomfort.

Q : Is this a total hands-free toddler sling?

A : Our product is not totally hands-free.You will have one free hand, but will have to use the other hand to support your child’s back. It takes the weight off your arms you feel when carrying with your bare arms.

Q : My child refuses to get in the sling. What should I do?

A :There are some babies/ toddlers that are scared of the sling at first. In thiscase, we suggest you to use the sling when your child is sleeping and when your child wakes up, he/she can have a better reaction of the sling. It could takeup to 2 weeks for a child to get used to the sling.

Q : Does this hurt your neck and shoulders?

A : You need to make sure you have thepadded shoulder straps split placed at the edge of your shoulder and nottowards your neck, which can cause discomfort in your neck. Also, adjusting theback buckle will help with distributing the weight.

Customer Reviews

Based on 478 reviews
The best fit for both our toddler and lifestyle

I’m so happy I took a leap and ordered this. It’s exactly what I need to support the baby wearing bond into toddlerhood with my increasingly heavy, cuddly, very mobile little one. Very comfortable for both me and him, extremely convenient, lightweight, sturdy and easy to use, and best of all it doesn’t flare up my back injury. Love it. Used it with a neighbor kid recently too and she immediately asked for another turn in it. We’re so excited we can continue to use this for another year or more!

Thank you so much for your review and lovely photo! :D We are glad that you are satisfied with our product. Thank you for choosing Gooseket!

Just invaluable

This was bought as a "maybe it'll get used sometimes"... So wrong. Now that our little one is in between stages of wanting (then not wanting) to walk independently, we use it so much! Just been on a skiing holiday and we wouldn't be without it!

We really appreciate your review and for sharing your adorable photo! :) We are so happy to hear that you are using our product often and that it's being helpful to you. Thank you so much for choosing Gooseket!

Sarah Lee
Baby Loves It

As a frequent baby wearer, I love this carrier. It is easy to wear and allows my baby more mobility and visibility of his surroundings compared to other carriers. Foresee that we will be using this more as he transitions to toddlerhood!

Thank you so much for loving our product and for sharing your lovely photos! :)

Iron Lung
Best Stylish Baby Wearing sling!

Must buy for any parent looking to carry around a super lightweight and easy to bring for travels too!
Took this gooseket carrier on our holiday and it was so convenient to carry around my essentials and most importantly my little one too!

We're glad that our product was convenient to use during your holiday! We really appreciate your review and rating. :)

Arielle M
Works for my 1 yo and my 3 yo!

Bought this for Disneyland (worked great for both the long lines and for nap times) but was surprised to see how much I am using it around the house! My 1 yo is going through a phase to be held 24/7 so I slip this on and it’s perfect. I even used it for my 3 yo who got tired during our walk to look at Christmas lights and she loves it.

Thank you for sharing your lovely photos! :D We're so glad that your little ones both like to use the sling and that it perfect for you in carrying your babies.
P.S. If you haven't noticed,we see that you have worn the sling backwards. ;) The logo 'GOOSEKET' and the buckle should be facing the front.

Sarah Marcolini

Idk who’s happier? My son or me for getting rid of my back problems! Just got it in the mail for Christmas from my best friend and immediately tried it and we both love it!

Thank you for sharing your lovely photos Sarah! :D We are so glad to hear that you love our product!