Gooseket Korea

The Beginning of the Childcare Product Brand, GOOSEKET

GOOSEKET is the first brand in Korea to develop the Goose Down Baby Warmer.
Goose Down Baby Warmer, Goose Down Blanket, etc, because we started with goose down products and a desire to make baby products that are as light and warm as goose down, we decided to name our brand GOOSEKET.

Many new moms like me don't know which products are good or bad without buying and experiencing them ourselves because everything about motherhood is new to us.
It was really inconvenient to have to spend so much time on just getting ready to go out with my child. On top of that, I had to carry 2-3 times more stuff than when I went out alone. To solve this problem, I made an all-in-one product that saves both time and money.

Check if this is an authentic GOOSEKET product or not.
Attached to every GOOSEKET product is the <Authenticity Tag and Authenticity Label>.
If the product doesn’t have GOOSEKET’s authentic tag and label, then it’s not a genuine product so please be cautious of it.