ANAYO Baby Hip Seat - Black
ANAYO Baby Hip Seat - Black
ANAYO Baby Hip Seat - Black
ANAYO Baby Hip Seat - Black
ANAYO Baby Hip Seat - Black
ANAYO Baby Hip Seat - Black

ANAYO Baby Hip Seat - Black

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Ivy Yap
Can't live without the Sling

My toddler is 34 months and 18.7kg. He still likes to be carried which makes it difficult as he is really heavy. With Gooseket Sling, I'm able to carry him and still have free hands to do other things. It is really a life saver as it is a challenge to carry him and especially if it is for a long period of time. My arms and back don't hurt as much when I started using the sling. Gooseket Sling is light weight, easy to store and use, it also comes in beautiful colors. I highly recommend it.


Stylish, well made and does the job. Really pleased with it!

Barb B.
Perfect for my 2yr old!

I needed something that was more convenient than a stroller and small enough to carry in my bag, but wouldn’t kill my back. This is it! My son loves it- I love it. It’s great for parking lot to destination or carrying in crowds. Haven’t tried it for longer time frames- but I’m an older mom & my back already hurts so not sure anything would be good for that anyway. I love it!

Amy Yau
Mummy’s helping hand

When my chubby little boy fall asleep, it’s amazing that the weight released from my hand. It’s really a great helping hand.

Jessica C.
Pleasantly Surprised

I waa really skeptical about this product as I came across it on Instagram ads. But after a few rounds of consideration, I have decided to give it a try and also bought one as a gift to my sister. I tried it on and was really surprised. While I would not say it was comfortable on the shoulders, it has definitely taken a huge load off our arms since my 2yo toddler (13kg) always wants us to carry her. Imagine carrying a sling bag, your arms don't bear the weight, ur shoulders do. My only wish is that the shoulder pad could be more comfy though. Overall, we really love it! :)

Hope Hewitt
Helps a lot!

This is a fantastic product! It’s cute, simple, not bulky and it relieves a lot of pressure! I don’t have to stick out my hip while carrying my little one around and my arm isn’t killing me after 2 minutes of holding him! I could hold him with the sling all day long! Definitely a huge help!

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