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GOOSEKET Toddler Sling Original colours


※ Make sure you check the shipping info before your purchase, please. 

* Made in south Korea
  The original and authentic Toddler Sling manufacturer
Product details


Toddler Sling + pouch

• Product Dimensions – About 22- 34 inch

• Material – 100% Cotton

• Item Weight – About 0.5lb

High quality premium YKK buckles + zipper 

• Suitable age 6months – 48months (up to 44lb)

 Made in South Korea - The original and authentic Toddler Sling manufacturer


Carry modes

Product key points



A   2 Split padded shoulder strap

B   GOOSEKET logo should be front

C   Baby should be on top of mum's pelvis

D   M shape legs – Help baby’s healthy hip joint development 





You make us happy


Love love and love some more!

We purchased this on a whim it it has surpassed all our expectations. So comfy and supportive. Hands down the best carrier for a toddler we have tried.

- Rachel M.

This is a life saver when Ineed to move my 1year old short distances and don't want to use the pram!

- Sarah C.

Wonderful product. Loved having it for our 18 month old for travel, airport and outings.

- Brittney P.

Super happy with my purchase. Much easier to lift my toddler and very helpful with a bad back problem like me. Highly recommended!

- MJ

Customer Reviews

Based on 349 reviews
Handy and supportive :D

Purchased and received the sling carrier within a week! I am impressed with how easy it made carrying my 1 year old (25lb, and I am 130lb).
My back has been hurting from carrying her on my hips and walking around the house doing things one-handed with her constantly sliding off. This shifts the weight off my hips, I get one hand free while using one arm to hold her back and grab on her thigh.
It is also very handy for short walks when baby suddenly wants me to carry her. I’d leave the sling on my shoulder when she is off. It is light-weight, not bulky (and stuffy) like a regular carrier which is perfect for summer.

Thank you for your review! Our product is known for being compact and lightweight. We hope that our product will continue to help you in your journey as a toddler parent. :)

So lightweight and supportive!

My husband and I have tried about 100 different carriers and this one is our (especially his!) favorite! It’s small enough to fit in his pocket, or the diaper bag and so easy to get babe in and out that he actually lets us use it! He’s a very on the go little dude so he wants to run around and it’s ways to let him down to run and then get him right back in when he’s done!

Thank you for your review Krysten! We are happy to hear that you and your husband are satisfied with the sling. :D Our toddler sling is indeed very compact and light to carry around!

Mae West
My fiancé stole mine!

My fiancé loved the goose let so much that he wears mine even though it’s leopard print! I am a repeat customer… but him a gray one for Father’s Day 😍

Thank you very much for the photo review! The leopard print sling looks good on your fiancé. ;) Thank you for being a repeat customer as well! ;D

This is the best!!!

Best thing I’ve got for my little one wow this is so convenient when I walk or go to the store is not something bulky like the stroller it’s easy seriously this needs to be at the store i don’t get tired anymore or changing Between my arms. My husband is a big guy it fits great it’s not like the Bjorne that he could not fit in them. It’s a life saver and I can kept my baby safe with me at all times we went to the museum and did not had to worry about the bulky stroller and it was easy to carry our baby

Thank you for your review Ivonne! Our product is made to make parenting easier and it's so compact and light that you can take it anywhere you go, right? :D
We are glad to hear that you are satisfied with our product. Thank you for your purchase!

Must have item for travelers and busy body toddlers!!

We love to travel and became apprehensive about bringing our son with us after he started walking. After doing my due diligence and searching for a product that I felt would work best for our needs, I ordered Gooseket’s Toddler Sling. This product is amazing! From being able to let my son wander around the marina and carry him when needed in Cabo San Lucas, to moving him to and from the sands and shores of Nicaragua to feel the water on his toes, the Goosket was there to provide support and comfort to us both.
The product is lightweight and compact and includes a bag that allows you to store it and bring it with you wherever you go! Not to mention that both mommies and daddies can choose different styles and colors to fit their fashion needs. If your on the go, love to travel, and want to include your kiddos in all your adventures, you're going to want to grab a Gooseket asap, I assure you, you won't be disappointed!!!

Hello Georgina,
Thank you very much for your sincere review!! We are touched. :')
Customers like you help us be proud of what we make and motivate us to reach out to more mothers out there, who we can help make parenting easier.
Thank you for your purchase! :)

My go-to option for 9 month old

My kiddo and I don’t have the patience for a full backpack-style carrier for our short walks each morning and evening. This is a great option to toss right on to distribute weight and keep one hand free. Going for walks, navigating the airport, doing errands around the house. Will be handy to have along for when the kid starts walking but tires easily.

Hello Jackie,
Thank you so much for the lovely photo review!
We have made our product to help mothers as much as it can daily. We are so glad to hear that it's being helpful to you.

Thank you for your purchase! :)