No More Complex Wearing Baby Carriers

Carry your child whenever and wherever in just 5 seconds with this compact and super easy to use toddler sling. 

Useful Times to Use the Sling

- Days when you are carrying an empty bulky baby carrier.

- Days when you can’t decide whether to bring a baby carrier with the stroller.

- When your child wants to be held suddenly while walking.

- Trips to the grocery store, hospital, day care, or run errands.

- When you want to bring a baby carrier, but pack light for a family trip.

Key points

A. 2 Split padded shoulder strap
B. The logo "GOOSEKET" should be facing the front.
C. Baby should be on top of mom's pelvis.
D. M shape legs – Help baby’s healthy hip joint development

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Customer Reviews

Based on 493 reviews
Selene Espinoza
Not delivered

My item was not delivered and I’ve tried contacting you about the problem. Please reach out to me.

Love it

Great for my girl who always wants to be carried. Frees my arm and doesn’t hurt my back as much. Does put some strain on my shoulders but better than just carrying her. So much easier than your usual carriers.

Ryan Schmidt

Easy to use - very intuitive. I like how compact it is, and carry it in my baby bag.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review! :) We are glad that our product is easy to use and compact.

Morrie Koh
Gooseket toddler sling

Such a wonderful sling! Regretted not knowing earlier. Carrying my 2 years old granddaughter has never been easier before. A great product. Thank you Gooseket!

We thank you! :D We really appreciate your review and are happy to hear that our product made it easier for you to hold your granddaughter!

Anna Mason
Highest quality and a must-have for toddler caretakers!

This was such a helpful thing to have with a clingy toddler. My son gets excited when he sees me get it out! I love the quality of the sling. The stitching, fabric and clips are all sturdy and the extra loop that goes around the clip makes me feel more secure. Additionally, I like that there are markings on the part for adjusting the fit so I can remember what fits me better vs my partner. Even the grippers on the seat of the sling so there's no slipping for the baby is thoughtful! I have a bad should and even carrying on that shoulder doesn't cause too much discomfort with the way the weight is disbursed. I would recommend this to anyone.

Thank you so much for your review! :) We hope our product will continue to be helpful with your toddler. ;)

Great toddler sling

Have been packing this sling along on every day out with my little one. Such a convenient and portable sling suitable for toddlers. No more sore arms and back from long periods of carrying your little one

Thank you so much for leaving such a good review! :) We are so happy to hear that you have been using our product so often! We hope that it will continue to help you carry your child easier.

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