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GOOSEKET Toddler Sling Stylish Print


※ Make sure you check the shipping info before your purchase, please. 

* Gooseket’s toddler sling is for toddlers who have just started walking.

Since toddlers‘physical bodies are much weaker and smaller than an adults, it is difficult for them to be always walking.

Our toddler sling plays the same role as a mothers arms for babies/toddlers who fall asleep outside or just want to be held.

We recommend using our product from around 6 months when babies/toddlers have enough back and neck strength.


* We are certified and have been awarded the following :

* Made in South Korea
  The original and authentic Toddler Sling manufacturer
Product Specifications


• Product name

Gooseket toddler sling

• Dimensions

Length: Around 57-87 cm

Perimeter: Around 104-160 cm

• Material

- 100% Cotton

- High quality premium YKK buckles + zipper 

- Webbing strap with a thin ring strap for extra safety

- Padded split shoulder straps for shoulder comfort

- Non-slip hip pad

- Small pouch under the hip pad to store credit cards, car keys, and etc.

• Weight

Around 230g

Suitable Age & Weight

From 6 months to 4 years old / up to 44lbs

Care Instructions

- Machine washable

- Recommend using a laundry net with the buckles on

- Use gentle detergent in 30 °C water

- Do not tumble dry

- Air dry it in a shaded, ventilated area

- Do not squeeze after washing

Country of Origin

South Korea

How to use

- We recommend using the sling from around 6 months (when babies start to develop neck and back strength), up to 44lbs.

- The lock buckle should face the front.

- It’s possible to use the sling on both the left and right shoulder, however one at a time.

- Adjust the sling to fit your body size and the shoulder straps should be split placed on your shoulder.

Product Details

- A compact size only weighing 230g



- Can be used by parents from sizes S-XXL

-There are steps that can be adjusted on the back side of the sling for different body types: The smaller size you are, you should leave it to “Step 1” and the larger should leave it close to “Step 5”.


- There’s no limit to the hip size, so you can use it even when your child grows.

- It is designed to have an arm-like structure where the hip pad’s size widens as it gets closer to the body. 

- We have removed unnecessary parts to prevent discomfort in a child’s body growth and have produced a hip pad that is needed ergonomically.

- We have made the hip pad’s lining with a non-slip fabric to give more stability.

- We directly import and use the subsidiary materials from the world’s recognized YKK brand on the buckles, zippers, and adjustable parts.

- The double safety thin loop prevents the buckle from unfastening even when done on accident.

- We have our own factory production with professionals of more than 30 years; therefore, we provide products that are produced within 1 week and have increased the excellence of our products.

Product Features

- The product can be used on the right and left shoulder, one at a time.

- The lock buckle should always be facing the front.

- The length can be adjusted to fit the right body size.

Product key points



A   2 Split padded shoulder strap

B    The logo "GOOSEKET" should be facing the front.

C   Baby should be on top of mom's pelvis. 

D   M shape legs – Help baby’s healthy hip joint development 

Useful Times to Use the Sling

- Days when you are carrying an empty baby carrier

- When you are contemplating whether to take a baby carrier with you on an outing with a stroller.

- When your child wants to be held all of sudden while walking.

- Trips to the grocery store, hospital or even when making an errand.

- When you need something convenient to use on a family trip or outing with a lot of luggage.

Designer's note

Ease parenting and outings with your child.

Our inspiration comes from nature and traveling with children.

Gooseket has put the heart of a parent who wants to cherish the good times together. With its simple design and convenient functions, it upgrades the life of a parent.
Making and piling up special memories with our children becomes a precious value to their future.

We wish to create a better future with parents in the world who are raising great children: our future.

Shipping & Returns


- All orders are dispatched and shipped from South Korea.

- We provide 2 types of shipping: Free Standard Shipping (usually takes 10-14 business days, excluding weekends and holidays) & FedEx Shipping (usually takes 3-5 business days, excluding weekends and holidays) with an additional charge of $5 USD.

- Free shipping for orders over $100 USD.

For more information, please view the full policy on the Shipping page.


- Returns and exchanges must be requested within 30 days of purchase. We will not accept returns outside of this period.

- It is the customer’s responsibility to pay for the return postage.

- The shipping rate you paid for your order will not be refunded since the delivery is completed by the courier.

For more information, please view the full policy on the Returns page.

Customer Service

Our customer service team will be working very hard to ensure to answer all inquiries within 24 hours.

Please note that our office hours are from Monday- Friday, 9:00 am-5:00 pm (GMT+9). We are closed on the weekends and for Korea’s national holidays.

Phone: +82 70-8831-2448

Instagram: @gooseket_official



Q : Can toddlers over 48 months use the sling?

A : Yes! If your toddler is under the weight limit, which is 44lbs, then your toddler can still use the sling. However, as your toddler grows, we recommend carrying your toddler from the front instead of sideways. Please refer to the photos

Q : Can I wear 2 slings at once?

A :Unfortunately, we don’t recommend using 2 slings at once. Please use 1 sling at a time.

Q : Can I wear the sling for long periods of time?

A : Our product is made to be used forshort periods of time, for example, making errands, taking a short walk, at the grocery store, and etc. If you wear the sling for long periods of time, you canfeel discomfort.

Q : Is this a total hands-free toddler sling?

A : Our product is not totally hands-free.You will have one free hand, but will have to use the other hand to support your child’s back. It takes the weight off your arms you feel when carrying with your bare arms.

Q : My child refuses to get in the sling. What should I do?

A :There are some babies/ toddlers that are scared of the sling at first. In thiscase, we suggest you to use the sling when your child is sleeping and when your child wakes up, he/she can have a better reaction of the sling. It could takeup to 2 weeks for a child to get used to the sling.

Q : Does this hurt your neck and shoulders?

A : You need to make sure you have thepadded shoulder straps split placed at the edge of your shoulder and nottowards your neck, which can cause discomfort in your neck. Also, adjusting theback buckle will help with distributing the weight.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 446 reviews
Arielle M
Works for my 1 yo and my 3 yo!

Bought this for Disneyland (worked great for both the long lines and for nap times) but was surprised to see how much I am using it around the house! My 1 yo is going through a phase to be held 24/7 so I slip this on and it’s perfect. I even used it for my 3 yo who got tired during our walk to look at Christmas lights and she loves it.

Thank you for sharing your lovely photos! :D We're so glad that your little ones both like to use the sling and that it perfect for you in carrying your babies.
P.S. If you haven't noticed,we see that you have worn the sling backwards. ;) The logo 'GOOSEKET' and the buckle should be facing the front.

Sarah Marcolini

Idk who’s happier? My son or me for getting rid of my back problems! Just got it in the mail for Christmas from my best friend and immediately tried it and we both love it!

Thank you for sharing your lovely photos Sarah! :D We are so glad to hear that you love our product!

Brittany Estrada
Hands down best purchase!

I absolutely love this sling! From the second I put it on, instant relief! I battle carpal tunnel since pregnancy and it kills my wrist to hold my baby on my hip (her preferred way to be held). I use the sling in the house to get chores done, and outside running errands. I get nonstop compliments when out and about, strangers always say “I wish I had that when I was raising my babies”. I have no negative comments. It’s a perfect design and makes my life so much easier with a barnacle baby. Do not hesitate to order! If you are thinking about it, don’t. Just do it. Trust me.

Thank you so much for your review Brittany! :D It's great to hear that our product has been helping you in carrying your baby. :) We are so happy that you are satisfied! Thank you for purchasing and choosing Gooseket!

Nuraishah Parnall
No to tendinitis with Gooseket! ♥️

Such a life saver. Makes going out stress free with and extra hand x

We're so glad to hear that our product has been a life saver and is helping with your tendinitis! :) Thank you for your review!

Perfect for theme parks!

The toddler sling worked great on our recent trip to Disneyland. We loved the compact design-we just throw in our backpack and use it while walking around the park or while waiting in line for the rides.

Thank you for the lovely photo Kitty! :D We are glad to hear that our product worked great on your Disney trip!

Carry with ease!

Our toddler swing comes in handy on all occasions. A trip to the beach, camping, running in a store! It makes carrying my 15 month old around an ease! Love the convenience and the easy storage!

Yes, carry with ease! :) Thank you for your lovely photo and review!