How to use a ANAYO Baby Hip Seat

Check before wearing ANAYO! Which side of shoulders do you feel more comfortable when you put a cross bag on? It’s up to you which side of shoulders you will put it on because ANAYO is designed for both sides of shoulders; either the right shoulder or the left one.

1. Place the product on your shoulder so that the logo faces outward. (Left and right side use are both possible)

2. Lift the buckle up to a 90 degree position to lengthen the Front Webbing Strap.

3. Adjust the length using the buckle in the back to fit your body.

4. While facing your child, place the hip seat over and around the child.

5. Place the hip pad in between the bottom and thighs.

6. Adjust the Front Webbing Strap to fit it as closely as possible to your body

7. Carry your baby with her legs M-shaped.

8. When you put down your child, please hold your baby’s bum securely and then unbuckle ANAYO or loosen its strap.

Right way to use

If you’re a beginner, repeat wearing it on soft surfaces like bed. You can either get assists from other adults. When you get fully familiar and wear it in the right way, a baby’s weight is distributed so both a mama and baby feel comfortable wearing ANAYO.

Correct Position

Place the hip pad in between the bottom and thighs.

Place the child above your hip.

Correct Leg Position

Carry your baby with her legs M-shaped.

Eye Contact (Front) / Side Carrying

Cuddle her watching face-to-face and have eye-contact. Side carrying is also available. Find out what’s the best position for you to distribute the weight.

The following contents are crucial. Its characteristics as a baby carrier may contain a risk of mal-used or a baby fall if improperly used. A wrong wear and use, and an accident caused by carelessness are not in the company's responsibility. Be aware of the written instructions in the manual and the use of the product, before you start using ANAYO.

  • ANAYO supports a baby carrying for a few hours.
  • Its recommended use covers a 12 months old baby, in a toddler stage, up to a 44lbs child. Don’t use it on a baby out of that age or out of the weight range.
  • Do not give excessive pressure on the product. Shoulder pads, and the hip pad might be damaged.
  • Support your baby’s back with one arm.
  • When wearing it to a baby, check if her posture and legs are correctly positioned. The correct position refers to the hip pad located in between the baby’s bum and thighs, and her legs are M-shaped.
  • While wearing ANAYO don't do intense physical activities such as hard exercise, cooking, driving, riding a bicycle, etc. for preventing possible accidents, injuries, burns, falls.

Still confused or not sure?

Feel free to send a photo of yourself wearing the hip seat via email or WhatsApp (+82 51-759-2448). We’d be happy to take a look and give you some pointers!