Why are we named GOOSEKET?

It all began in 2016, when we started with making a baby carrier warmer, which was the first made goose-down baby carrier warmer in South Korea. From then on, we have invented the “GOOSEKET” toddler sling. We wanted to invent a baby product that was lightweight and warm like a goose feather. For those who might have trouble pronouncing, the proper way to pronounce GOOSEKET is Goose (like the animal) and ket (as in -ket in the word “basket”).

Yila – Founder of GOOSEKET

A long while ago when I was traveling with family, we had to climb up a hill and my baby girl was getting tired, so I had to pick her up. It was so difficult to carry her up the hill that I had to use my crossbody bag to support her hip. As we kept walking up the hill, I noticed that it felt easier than using just my arms to hold her. That’s when it struck me that I should invent a baby carrier similar to a crossbody bag. Something lightweight but also easy to carry everywhere-- that’s exactly what I needed

It was an ‘aha moment’ and after the family trip, I decided to use my experience to begin the invention process of the GOOSEKET Toddler Sling. I wanted to make a product that would help other parents who were in my shoes and have experienced a similar situation as I did. Since then, we had to go through multiple tests and samples to create the right product.

After all the trial and error, we were able to finally develop the current Toddler Sling.

We guarantee that we can provide high quality products because we choose materials from beginning to end and manage everything from the design, manufacturing, to sales.

The business may have grown over the years but one thing has never changed-- our commitment to customers. Today, it has become our mission to promote GOOSEKET worldwide through our quality products. We are so proud of what we make.

We wish you the best on your parenting journey and hope you make lots of lovely memories with GOOSEKET too!