I first found it convenient but after that wanted to share my experience with other parents to ease their burden and even feel comfort in their parenting.

GOOSEKET Brand Story

The Story of GOOSEKET Toddler Sling Creation.

Once, while I was on a trip with my child, I unexpectedly had to climb a high hill. My child was walking well, but she got tired, I guess, so she kept asking me to pick her up. It was so difficult for me to carry her so I used my crossbody bag as an alternative. I supported her bum with it and continued climbing the hill.

This was the very beginning of GOOSEKET Toddler Sling. Now you can also understand why it looks like a crossbody bag. To support a child's weight securely, it should be strong but also lightweight and simple to use. This led us to make a number of samples and go through numerous tests. We finally developed the current Toddler Sling.

It should be robust enough to support a child and light-weight and simple to carry. And this challenge could be surmounted by multiple samplings and experiments. 

GOOSEKET manages all processes from planning, production to sales. We carry out strict regulations and inspections every month. We always try hard to improve the safety and quality of our products. High-quality and fast production are possible because we operate a manufacturing factory.


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