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Goose Down
Baby Carrier Warmer

Goose Down 91% + Goose Feathers 9%

Baby Carrier Warmer

Cotton 100%

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This is much lighter and much firmer than a hip seat, I love it! I can take care of my two sons with this item. And my husband is so satisfied so it was a great choice to buy it! Hope you constantly sell good products like this!

Annie Metcalf

Great! My 18 months old baby was in a clingy phase for over 4 months, and I couldn’t help buying this item. Definitely, I should’ve bought it earlier.

What I love the most about this item is the smaller sized hip seat part.

I’m still figuring out how to wear the shoulder part.

Sometimes it’s comfortable, but sometimes the band comes up almost to my neck so it hurts. I think I should check the instructions once more.

Quynh Bui

When I read the reviews, it says you need some time to get used to it. I mean, it didn’t take that long of a time for me, but yeah you do need time to get used to it. But it’s so easy to carry around and so practical. I love this beige color too. So satisfied.

Jemma Pollari

I’m using it for my two babies who are 29 months and 8 months old. And this is  seriously a whole new world. I’m not a hundred percent used to it so it still takes some time to wear, but this is so comfortable to use and hold a baby.

Shaun Low

After buying this, I never use a hip seat anymore. At first, this is so easy and simple to use. I always carry lots of things when I go out, and ANAYO doesn’t take up much space so I love it. I don’t think I can use it for a long time, but my husband is also so satisfied with this.

Jennifer Leech

My baby is getting bigger and I'm so tired of dealing with him trying to escape from the baby carrier.

He walks now, so he always asks me to put him down.

And right after I put him down, he asks me to pick him up again.

I was so fed up with his clingy phase so I bought this Support Bag.

It’s easy to wear and the size is small too.

Me and my husband are so satisfied with it so this review is from both of us.

Amy Hewitt

I bought ANAYO after seeing it on Instagram.

I haven’t used it a lot yet but I’ll write my impression of it.

My baby just started to walk.

When I put her down she throws a tantrum until I pick her up again.

She’ll walk for a little bit and ask me to pick her up. Only me. She’s stuck to me like glue.

So after shopping around I bought GOOSKET ANAYO!

(I considered several products but GOOSKET was the cutest.)

Charlotte Evans

I saw a reviewer that said her shoulder hurts while using it, so I wasn’t so sure about getting it.

And to be honest, I would be lying if I said it didn’t hurt at all.

When I hold my baby side-by-side then my shoulder hurts, but when I hold her face-to-face then it doesn’t really hurt!

I guess it depends on person though LOL

Anyway my baby seems pretty comfortable in it.

I saw the newly designed one has a separated shoulder strap so your shoulder would hurt less, but my husband says he still prefers side-by-side!

Since I had my baby, I’ve had a lot of pain in my hands and arms from holding her, it’s been so bad that I actually prefer my shoulder hurting instead..

I think it was a good choice to buy it, and my husband is satisfied too :)

Sasha Roettger

The best thing about this product is that it’s compact!

I mean, a hip seat would be more comfortable but it’s hard to carry around, and you know (it doesn’t look that great 😂)

For ANAYO, you can fold it and put it in the pouch, it’s so easy to carry around!

And come on, it looks good when you just wear it too.

(It has its own pouch)

And there are various color options!

To be honest, I didn’t look carefully and just chose black, I guess I should have gotten  a brighter color since the summer is coming.

Anyway, it seems not easy to carry around a baby for a long time, but it’s great for a little while from time to time!

Check my review for anybody who considers buying it!

Kylee Steer
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Made in Korea


From fabric to non-fabric small components, we choose every single aspect of the product ourselves and go through a strict screening process from planning to manufacturing to production, guaranteeing safe and high quality products for children.


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TWO-WAY Shoulder Pads


Child’s Legs Maintain an M-Shape


Height Where You Hold Your Child

ANAYO Support Bag

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