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My wrist was getting hurt because of repetitively picking the baby up.I have tried all kinds of baby carriers such as a baby wrap, a baby hipseat carrier, and a baby hip-waist carrier.All of them were not comfy to wear at home.But Anayo is light and easy to use.I usually put it on like a sling bag and anytime baby gets fussy I can put her in this.


My baby didn’t like any baby carrier before. It got my arm more hurt to carry him.Anayo is a MUST HAVE! Just what I do is to support the baby’s back with Anayo.Anayo has been far the best carrier I have used! Look no further.


I was not sure if I needed another baby carrier, but I wish I had purchased Anayo FIRST.With Anayo, I’m handsfree! and I was surprised by how it feels secure for both the baby and the wearer.I chose Anayo because I’d rather little hurt on my shoulder than my arm. If you have the same thought, go for it. You will not be disappointed.


New design, reasonable price, Just GOOD! When I didn't have a car, I preferred a baby hipseat carrier.But now I have a car so a baby carrier turns out to be inconvenient. Anayo is perfect for me to use for a short duration of time. I was debating before I saw one my friend got. I should’ve bought it earlier. Not to mention, quick delivery.


ANAYO Support bag

How did we start to develop the ANAYO Support Bag? Once, while I was on a trip with my child, I unexpectedly had to climb a high hill.


Goose Baby Warmer

The Birth Of the First Goose Down Baby Warmer In Koreais. When I went out with my child in the winter, because of cold weather, 



In Korean, MAK (막) is a short for  MAKU (마구) which means, “unorganized behavior without any rules or order.



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