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Why do people love GOOSEKET Toddler Sling?

Amazing product

My 15 month old daughter is a cling on and this product is fantastic for me! i've had it about a week and used it so much already, definitely recomment, well worth the money and is a really well made item.


Julia H

Awesome product

Fast delivery(4 days), good quality, small and lightweight. Children(2&5)like it as it's less restrictive than 2 strap carriers.


Matthan L.

Absolutely love it

I love how easy it was to use without even looking at the directions! We just watched the video advertisement and was able to figure it out right away. It's comfortable and it definitely takes away the strain from my back when carrying my big boy! 100% recommend to all parents who have kiddos now!


Jaclyn S.

Great quality

Very convenient and well made product. Perfect for holding my toddler in long lines at Disney



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