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So simple!

This is the perfect device for me! My toddler hated being in a structured carrier because she literally felt strapped down. No freedom! By the time I would get her strapped in, she would want out. I was looking into other solutions, like soft tie carriers, but their weight limit didn’t make the price with it.

The gooseket is the perfect solution. High weight limit, so I’ll get more time using it. Takes literally 2 seconds to get my toddler into (and 2 seconds to get her out) and she doesn’t feel tied down, so she’s perfectly content being in the carrier. And my back and shoulders are saved because her weight is distributed on my body.

The mint is a beautiful color. The product is well dyed and assembled.

Great little gadget

Small, convenient, great for a short stroll. Not recommended for a prolonged walk though.

Love it

I have purchase the grey Gooseket few weeks ago. My baby is 7 month old now nearly 10kg and we start using it. Super love it especially when she wanna get out of the pram and want me to carry her. Gooseket is the best way to release a little bit and baby enjoy it very much as well.

My toddler loves it!

I was a bit sceptical of ordering something from an ad on Instagram, but I’m so glad I did. It arrived super quickly and my toddler loves it. He always wants to be carried now and my arms aren’t strong enough to hold him for long, but with the support strap I carried him all the way to the post office and back. Highly recommend this.

Soft, cozy and multi-functional!

this is a must-have even though i don't nurse my child in public anymore. It can keep her warm in the stroller, when she's in the carrier and as a liner when using public high-chairs. Easy to wash and dry and grey is a such a versatile colour!

Good product

Really like the ease of this, it’s much smaller and more convenient to bring around than our ergo.

Everything I’ve been looking for!

I love this carrier! I was looking for something that was easy to wear and quick to get my son in and out of and this is it! I have a 1 year old who is always wanting to be picked up then put back down a few minutes later. I hate putting him in the ring carrier only to have him ask to be put down almost immediately. This is easy to use and fits me well which is saying a lot since I’m only 5 feet tall. So happy I found this company!! I live in the us and shipping was surprisingly fast!! I ordered on Sunday evening and it arrived Thursday morning. If you’re thinking about it just buy it! Totally worth it! Also the leopard print is so cute!! Love this product and would love to see more prints and colors!

Love love love it! Such a back safer.

Saw this on insta and knew I had to get it right away. It arrived so quickly! I was super impressed. It’s so easy to use, just like the videos online. And it carries the weight of my baby so well. My back feels way better already! Such a huge difference. My husband loves it too! Plus there aren’t a bunch of straps to figure out. Highly recommend!

My girl loves it so much! Recommended :)

We tried it in a park and she enjoyed to use it so much. Easy to use and so small to put it in a bag and bring it everywhere.

Now she even ask me to wear it at home and she just hang there!

Best. Carrier. Ever!

Have been using my Gooseket for 3 months now and its the best ever! After countless carriers which I have tried and tested, this one is definitely the most compact and comfortable one. Easy to take on and off, stylish to keep on and it even have a little pocket to keep cash and a sanitizer! Its also comfortable to use while im carriying my 14kg child for 7+ hours adventures.

My son is also super fussy whether he wants to be picked up or dropped so Gooseket’s Anayo carrier allow me to quickly cater to his needs. This carrier is definitely worth it!

LOVE it!

We absolutely love our anayo carrier! We were so excited to use it since it’s a Korean brand and I’m Korean — we have to represent! Haha. Well, it arrived quicker than I anticipated and we were so eager to try it out! It’s super easy to use, lightweight and so comfortable! I do have to say, we felt a little more at ease using it since our 6 month old has good head control; I’m not sure if we would have used it on her if she was younger than that! But overall, great quality and we love it more than any of the other carriers we’ve used so far! Highly recommend!

Good product!

Got my carrier! I love it! Its cute and portable (it got it own carrier bag)! I got it for my mum so that she can carry my baby when she has to....One of her hands can be free etc.... Overall, i love it so much! ❤️🥰

Unbelievably easy to use!

I have a 1 year old boy who can barely stand on his own. This baby carrier is the most versatile and easy to use carrier. I own 2 other ones (babybjorn and combi) and I thought the Combi one would be the lightest and more compact, until I use the Gooseket one.
I recently used it at a ski resort so it can fit the bulky snow jacket that my baby was wearing (he would have lots of trouble fitting the other 2 carriers with that thick snow jacket). And he even managed to have a nap in the Gooseket carrier.

Received and love it but doesn’t come with the pouch

Very impressed with the carrier finally I do not have to carry my baby with my arms!!! Very light carrier and convenient, unfortunately my order doesn’t come with a pouch

Light and Easy

We love this carrier! Being from a place that is hot and humid year round, we love how light and easy the Anayo is to use. We have used it at the store, around the house, hiking and walking to the beach! It allows us to carry baby without putting all the weight on our arms and has helped ease pain from stiff neck and sore elbow. The adjustable strap makes it easy for me or my husband to use the carrier, and I was impressed by its versatility since we are very different sizes. The best part is, when baby is ready to walk again, the carrier folds easily into a pocket and hardly takes up any space compared to a Baby Tula or other carrier. We highly recommend this product!

This definitely has saved my shoulder.

I personally own an Ergo and it worked well too but as my baby grew, it became too much to carry and now she hates it as it doesn’t give any mobility.

It literally takes 10 secs to figure out how to wear the Anayo carrier and to put my baby in. Adjusting the strap is super convenient. All I need to do is make it loose and pull the strap to keep it tight when the baby is inside.

Anayo carrier works great especially during my mini trips to the coffee shop everyday with my baby. I can even enjoy coffee while carrying her.