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Based on 233 reviews
Back saver

I’ve been carrying my 25lb toddler around everywhere.. and it was killing my back until I started using the Gooseket. I could never make a ring sling work (too bulky and complicated to get him in/out of), and this is an easy quick alternative. I have recommended this sling to many friends! Highly recommend.


The Gooseket Toddler Sling looks cool, but is also super helpful! With my toddler getting bigger, I was arching and using other tactics to support her that definitely weren’t good for my back. The Sling makes carrying her around much easier and saves my back a ton of strain and stress!

Love it recommend to everyone I see

Did not receive

I have not received my order yet.

Pink carrier

Absolutely love this! I love that it’s small enough to fit in my bag and I can just pull it out when we’re at Disney!

Exactly what I needed!

I have to admit, I was hesitant in buying this sling… but I couldn’t be happier that I purchased this! I just wish I had bought it sooner. It’s exactly what I need when my toddler is constantly up and down on our walks around the neighbourhood and our walk to preschool. I can’t wait to use this at the zoo! The sling is comfortable and fits perfectly. It’s easy to adjust and really does take the load off of my arm and hip. Highly recommend!!

Great support

My toddler loves walking on her own everywhere we go but there are times she just wants to be carried and it can get tiring. I’m glad I found this because it definitely gives me support and I don’t mind carrying her for long periods of time.

Great for on the go

I love this product. Compared to my other hip carriers, it is more compact and travel-friendly. I also love how quick and easy it is to put my daughter in and out of it. That is a deal breaker. The only downside is that if I use it for an extended period of time, my neck/shoulder area starts to hurt.

Love it

Light, compact and very convenient

So awesome

I got the green one and totally love it! Great quality. Very stylish and not bulky.

Love it!!

Highly recommend for toddlers!

Best stroller bag ever!!

Just made it home from a magical trip at Disney World, and I must say that I am in LOVE with Gooseket and their products! This stroller bag is AMAZING!!! It holds SO much stuff and doesn’t let anything fall out when you collapse your stroller which you have to do all the time when using the busses at Disney!!! I love this bag and definitely want to order one for my other stroller!! I’ve already been telling allll my mom friends about this amazing bag!! I am soo glad I had it on our trip!!

Really, really great!

Super easy and quick to carry babe around. Plus it’s super cute. Definetly recommend. Does not make shoulder super sore. Very comfy, even for long periods.

Great buy! +++

It’s convenient to carry around and it’s light and compact. My 1year old also fell asleep on me when I carried him in it! I liked it so much that I bought it as a gift for a friend.

it's great to protect mama's 🙌, my baby girl ❤ it also

Good buy 👍🏻

For 15mths girl. Should have bought earlier!

Great purchase

I bought if for my daughter and her husband for Xmas and they love it! Have used it a couple of times already. I was surprised how well it works.


Seriously love this. I have a 16 month old who always wants to be carried. He's tall and I can't see over his head in my old carrier. This let's him be on my hip, where he likes to be, and my arm isn't breaking anymore!

Great product!!

Love this product, really good quality and much better than a previous “HiPP belt” I used to use. So lightweight, I throw it in my stroller and use it on the go. I also use a home when babe just wants to be held!

Love love and love some more!

We purchased this on a whim it it has surpassed all our expectations. So comfy and supportive. Hands down the best carrier for a toddler we have tried.

Awesome Carrier

I love this carrier when traveling with my LO. It’s easy to pack and bring everywhere!

For the wife

I bought this as a Christmas gift for my wife. She has been using it basically non stop since then. So far so good.

Bought to use around Disney next year with a 2 year old.

Bought as a Christmas present for our daughter/granddaughter, so not used as yet. Looks very good quality, very easy process for ordering and delivery to the UK. Despatched very quickly and arrived within the week. Kept updated with all delivery updates as we went along.

Great gift

We love our gooseket toddler sling so much we got another one as a gift for a family member because we think they’ll love it just as much as we do!