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This is the best!!!

Best thing I’ve got for my little one wow this is so convenient when I walk or go to the store is not something bulky like the stroller it’s easy seriously this needs to be at the store i don’t get tired anymore or changing Between my arms. My husband is a big guy it fits great it’s not like the Bjorne that he could not fit in them. It’s a life saver and I can kept my baby safe with me at all times we went to the museum and did not had to worry about the bulky stroller and it was easy to carry our baby

Must have item for travelers and busy body toddlers!!

We love to travel and became apprehensive about bringing our son with us after he started walking. After doing my due diligence and searching for a product that I felt would work best for our needs, I ordered Gooseket’s Toddler Sling. This product is amazing! From being able to let my son wander around the marina and carry him when needed in Cabo San Lucas, to moving him to and from the sands and shores of Nicaragua to feel the water on his toes, the Goosket was there to provide support and comfort to us both.
The product is lightweight and compact and includes a bag that allows you to store it and bring it with you wherever you go! Not to mention that both mommies and daddies can choose different styles and colors to fit their fashion needs. If your on the go, love to travel, and want to include your kiddos in all your adventures, you're going to want to grab a Gooseket asap, I assure you, you won't be disappointed!!!

Hello Georgina,
Thank you very much for your sincere review!! We are touched. :')
Customers like you help us be proud of what we make and motivate us to reach out to more mothers out there, who we can help make parenting easier.
Thank you for your purchase! :)

My go-to option for 9 month old

My kiddo and I don’t have the patience for a full backpack-style carrier for our short walks each morning and evening. This is a great option to toss right on to distribute weight and keep one hand free. Going for walks, navigating the airport, doing errands around the house. Will be handy to have along for when the kid starts walking but tires easily.

Hello Jackie,
Thank you so much for the lovely photo review!
We have made our product to help mothers as much as it can daily. We are so glad to hear that it's being helpful to you.

Thank you for your purchase! :)

GOOSEKET Toddler Sling Stylish Print
Satomi Gélinas-Geoffrion
Everything perfect

Size ,weight, convenient, design all perfect. I definitely recommend to my all friends :)

Hello Satomi,
Thank you for the perfect review on our product! We are so happy to hear that it's satisfying you. We hope that it will continue to be a perfect item for you and your baby!

Thank you for your purchase! :)

Best thing ever!

Absolutely love the Gooseket! I have a very clingy 14 month old. He is constantly wanting to be held and this has been a life saver!!

Hello Lizzie!
We are so happy to hear that you are satisfied with our product! We hope that the product will continue to be helpful and a lifesaver in your life as a mother. :)
Thank you for your purchase!

Disappointed - Broken Strap

Was really excited to use the Gooseket stroller bag for our recent trip to Disney World May 2022 - unfortunately the bag never made it into the first park intact - one side strap snapped on our way there. Our Greco stroller width is only 20” across at the connection point.

Great concept and love the idea but gave up using it when it kept flopping around with only one side secured to stroller. Tried to repair with sewing kit and safety pin with little success.

Hello Mike,
First of all, we apologize that you had to go through this problem with our product and made your excitement into disappointment. You can ask for A/S to customer service and we will do our best to solve this problem.
Once again, we are sorry for the inconvenience.

Gooseket team

100% yes

I saw this on an instagram ad and went for it… my 20 month old is nearly 30 lbs and isn’t into the stroller anymore. I end up carrying her a lot and it’s getting tough. This product is so helpful, cute and easy to use! Definitely recommend.

Thank you for your purchase! We are happy to hear that you are satisfied with our product. We hope our product will help you as a mother. :)

Easy and useful

It took a few tries for my little one to get into it without a fight. But once he got the hang of it. I could not get him out. Super convenient for traveling and waiting in line (ex: Disney when you can't bring the stroller with you) I always bring it with me just incase. Folds super compact and it's very comfortable to use! 100% recommend

Thank you for your review and for recommending our product! We hope we can satisfy you as a customer again in future purchases. :)

Absolutely love it!

Toddlers are so heavy!! This is perfect for both mom & dad (easy to adjust for both parents) for quick hip carrying!! I’d recommend this to everyone! The quality itself is great and durable. The strap is also very comfortable on the shoulder with enough padding. My child has not complained yet. I’m also pregnant so this really comes in handy when she only wants to climb up on mommy!

Great for Velcro baby and parents

This is so easy to put on compared to other carriers. It fits great in the diaper bag and stroller too! My sweet, cuddly baby took to it immediately! Thanks you Goosket!

Thank you so much for a lovely photo & review!!! : )

Great for Velcro baby

This is so easy to put on compared to other carriers. It fits great in the diaper bag and stroller too! My sweet, cuddly baby took to it immediately! Thanks you Goosket!

So worth it!!

This is worth its weight in gold !!
My daughter is super needy especially when we are out and about so I am forever holder her , and my arms and back get really sore . This takes the weight off ! Amazing product.
The Gooseket toddler sling is really well designed and excellent quality materials! Super easy to use .

Thank you so much for a lovely photo & review!

GOOSEKET Toddler Sling Original Gray
Back saver

I have one heavy baby and this saves my back as well as frees up a hand!

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GOOSEKET Toddler Sling Brown leopard

Literal life saver. Sprained my arm and pregnant, all my toddler wants is to be carried. It's my favorite new baby (toddler) wearing accessory. Not gonna lie, after several attempts to find a wrap to carry her when she was an infant, I was worried I was too plus size for this sling. Definitely not!

Love it!

As I expected, it came really handy for travelling. I have an active toddler who likes to being held at the most inappropriate times. I found it really helpful in the following settings: airport after he got tired running around; boarding/leaving the plane; immigration; luggage belt, finding a taxi; public transport in a foreign country. Bonus: the lady at the fast track noticed the sling and asked me if I was aware of the hip seats. I was aware of them but the problem with those is they are non-foldable, making them bulky to travel with, whereas the Anayo Gooseket is easily foldable.
Regarding comfort: if worn correctly both toddler and mum are comfortable. After wearing it for 30 mins, I did not have any shoulder or back pain. But if worn incorrectly, both toddler and mum will feel discomfort, during or after.
The reason for giving it fur stars: it does not fit in the pouch provided by the company.

Great purchase. Worth investing in one.

My daughter doesn’t like the pram so I carry this sling around with me everywhere I go. She loves being in it and she is so much happier. It’s the best purchase I’ve made to date. I don’t know what I’d do without it now. Thank you Gooseket!

Awesome toddler sling

Not just good looking
Also super helpful

GOOSEKET Toddler Sling Original colours
Carollyn Monterola-Koezle

I have twins, 7 months old, I am weak and both my wrists hurt from carrying - then I found this toddler sling. I already have 4 carriers so I thought, why not another one thats super quick? And it changed the game! No need to undress the jacket (its winter currently) to put on a carrier to carry the one child that cries otw home. Just carry the sling all the time for a quick carry! Its also easily adjustable and my husband (184cm and me 152cm) uses it just as much if not more! xD It arrived within a few days to germany. I love it and might order another one to for the other child. Thank you!

A beautiful practical solution to toddler life!

It did take some time to get used to it, but now we both love it! Have found I use it everywhere, even without my toddler girl 😊. I would prefer if the small pocket wasn’t under the seat though so easier to access when she is sitting on it. But works amazing when she is up and down and up and up. Has also taken the pressure off my arms so a lot less pain carrying her now.

Love it! Turning heads at the airport 😊

I bought three goosekets total! One for me, one for my sister and one for my cousin! I love this so much! It was great taking our 3 month baby through the airport and on the plane✈️ Super easy to put on and take off and definitely a head turner at the airport when moms were dealing with other kids wanting to be held

Best stroller bag ever!!

Just made it home from a magical trip at Disney World, and I must say that I am in LOVE with Gooseket and their products! This stroller bag is AMAZING!!! It holds SO much stuff and doesn’t let anything fall out when you collapse your stroller which you have to do all the time when using the busses at Disney!!! I love this bag and definitely want to order one for my other stroller!! I’ve already been telling allll my mom friends about this amazing bag!! I am soo glad I had it on our trip!!


Seriously love this. I have a 16 month old who always wants to be carried. He's tall and I can't see over his head in my old carrier. This let's him be on my hip, where he likes to be, and my arm isn't breaking anymore!

Very comfortable

My 1.5 year old baby and I loved the Gooseket Anayo Baby Hip Seat. It's very comfortable for both of us. She was squealing with joy - never been so comfortable before in her mother's arms.
I am plus size and with the size adjustment it fitted me very well.
There was a slight pressure on the shoulder but way better than when I was carrying her without it.
I have to master the technique of picking her up from the ground with it.
Ordered a second one and recommended it to a few friends.

GOOSEKET toddler sling is perfect choice

Im so happy to received it. Perfect for toddler. It’s a good use for clingy child.

A lifesaver for my back!!

I have several baby carriers so I wasn’t sure I needed to buy another one … but I am so glad I did!! This one is SO incredibly easy to use and my baby loves it! It makes it easier to have my hands free! I throw it in the car and use it while out shopping or out playing with friends!! This sling is amazing!!! I’m impressed with the quality!