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ANAYO Baby Hip Seat - Beige
Anna beatriz Camasmie

I loved the product! Super comfortable to use and safe!

ANAYO Baby Hip Seat
Lisa Brennan

Takes all the weight! Love it!

Great Buy, Def Recommend!

I love this product so far. It's super convenient to throw over my shoulder when I think I might need it and it's easy to get my kid into and out of. It really does ease the load of carrying around a 30 lb kid all the time.

Amazing Product

Despite coming from Korea, it beat a package mailed a day later from Kentucky to my doorstep in the US. My back loves this, as does my little one. I wish that I bought this months ago.

Love this

Everyone should have one of these. I was debating between this and a tush baby and I am so glad I went with this. It lays flat when not in use and I just wear it like a shoulder bag. It has the zippered pouch for keys or snacks and the material is super thick quality. If you hip carry, buy this for sure. I use it even around the yard with my guy. I ordered the Mint color and it is true to the picture online and it came very quickly (less than a week from order to delivery).

Simple yet effective

I love how compact yet effective it is. My daughter feels comfortable in it and it relives my arms.

Love It

So comfortable and easy to use my toddler loves it. Every mom needs this

A fantastic invention

Its wonderful. I was dubious but it is well made and works a treat. So happy i made the purchase, it goes everywhere with us

Great things come in small packets!

After struggling holding my toddler at the store and trying to take things off the shelf w/her running off, I knew I had to order one of these so my hands are free but keep her close to me at the same time. The ergo carrier is too bulky and the Anayo is an easy and quicker option for picking her up and holding her rather than putting her in the ergo. It’s a plus that it’s small and I can leave it in the diaper bag or wear it on walks to pick her up when she’s tired. Will also be using this on public transport so she won’t touch anything and keep her safely on my lap while on the bus.
I originally ordered a blue one but did not like the color but Gooseket was wonderful in assisting with the return and I got the color I should have got in the first place. 😅
Thank you for making such an amazing product!

Best carrier

I have an ergo baby and a mini me and this one is definitely my favorite and it happens to be the most affordable. It is so easy to get baby in and out and she loves it!!! Shipped extremely fast. I received tracking info within an hour. Product very well made in Korea.

ANAYO Baby Hip Seat
Alexandra RobertsHarbour
In love - I can lift my 4 year old for cuddles again!!

I ordered this hip seat after seeing it advertised on Facebook, and decided to give it a go. I have a four year old and 10 month old and carrying my little one whilst trying to do things for my eldest was really causing me pain in my arm, back and shoulders! I have a hip seat which fastens around the waist but I can't ever get it quite tight enough and I have to keep taking it off to sit down. Anyway, I ordered an Anayo and it arrived promptly, well within a week. The packaging was lovely (also recyclable!) and I was very impressed with the quality of the product and also the step by step instructions and detailed specification. I tried it right away with my little one and within minutes he fell asleep! I was then able to make lunch for my eldest, one handed as usual, but without causing me huge back/arm pain from supporting the weight of a sleeping baby! Amazing! I was then able to sit down and remove the Anayo from around him to position him better to have the rest of his nap on me.

Fast forward to later in the day, my eldest fell asleep in the car and was groggy when we got home as she just woke up. She was reluctant to get out of the car, so I thought perhaps she'd like a cuddle and to be carried into the house. Thanks to the Anayo I was actually able to do that! Usually she's too heavy for me to lift for long let alone carry any distance... I could tell how much she appreciated this new lease of life we now have for cuddles thank to this baby seat. I've only had it one day but I can tell already that it is going to get alot of use and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to all my mummy friends, and even grandparents - I know they will love to be able pick up and hold their grandchildren without having pain or discomfort

ANAYO Baby Hip Seat
Hannah Yang
GET THIS if you have a needy little one!

Received this baby carrier two weeks ago, now I can’t go anywhere without bringing this. I own a hip seat carrier. Throughout time, it has become a hassle to bring around. This gooseket is so light weight and fits in my diaper bag easily, even my husband loves it! Would definitely recommend to any of my friends that have a needy little one.

Happy momma

Just got it for a week and so far am loving it. Lightweight to carry & takes a load off my arms. I thought the T***baby was good but it made my hips tired after an hour. This is easier to handle for mommies on the go. Love the convenience.

Best purchase ever. My elderly parents have no trouble carrying around my heavy baby. I bought another one for myself and have been recommending this to all of my friends with little ones. It’s so much faster to use than trying to put on my other expensive baby carrier. My carrier is living in the backseat of my car now while this hip seat is being used multiple times a day.

ANAYO Baby Hip Seat
Reliable Company and Products

I was hesitant to purchase the items after seeing it on Instagram. I haven't heard too much about this product/company outside of the Instagram post. However, I'm glad I decided to order the products. I'm petite so this is perfect for carrying my toddler around. I also purchased the stroller bag for our Mountain Buggy Nano and it fits really nicely. We were always running out of room in the stroller basket and shopping bags on the handle bars would bring the stroller down.

ANAYO Baby Hip Seat
Chastity Jackson
Back & Arm -Saver

Thank you so much for creating this item. It is so much more convenient than the back-pack style, more complicated baby carriers. This makes it much easier to carry my baby without have to wrestle with so many straps and buckles. Love it!

Back saver!

My 1yo has been wanting to be held more and more but the ergo that we have is just a hassle to put on and off, not to mention how bulky it is bringing it with us on the go. When I saw this I just had to get it, and I regret nothing! I love it so much and my baby isn’t sweaty sitting in it like other baby carriers.

Love it!

My fav carrier - very fast and easy to put on when you’re out!

ANAYO Baby Hip Seat
Melissa Kwan
I love it!

My husband laughs at me because I’m easily suckered in to baby gadgets I think will make my life easier. This is a product I have NO regrets owing! I own, not kidding, 9 different baby carriers from a mei tai to an infantino 4-1 and I’m always reaching for the anayo. It is light weight, profile is small where I can wear this all day if needed, does not have a dozen buckles to untangle and match up, and is super easy and fast to use. This is my go to baby carrier for walking around, but not long walks. You know how your arms wrap around your baby super tight and your wrists are tired from carrying your little one or for that “quick trip” in to Starbucks? This carrier helps with that! It has been so relieving for my arms and back and is that little bit of help my body needs without the fuss of a full blown baby carrier. I use it when my daughter wants me to hold her and walk around till she falls asleep. I use it to carry her from the car to the store and sometimes around the store (Home Depot) if I don’t get a cart she can sit in. I don’t think this would be a good carrier for a super long walk and would use one of my other ones or the stroller. It is super important to position the shoulder straps correctly or it will kill your neck and pull on your back. My mom didn’t wear it properly at first and she said it hurt her hip. After some adjustments she felt the anayo allowed her to carry her granddaughter more and finds it much easier to use than the Tushbaby!

Saves my back

This really distributes the weight well, especially for my toddler who wants to walk everywhere and then when she gets tired wants to be carried. Love that it’s so compact folded!

ANAYO Baby Hip Seat
Joanna Lloyd

It’s is so comfy and I don’t have to really do much when my son is in it! He thinks he is on a ride.

light, compact, hugs my baby just right!

I hesitated purchasing this product as I thought my 18mths old boy is almost growing out of hip seats. Turned out I was wrong, my boy loves it- he comes running with smile when I offer him ANAYO hipseat. I love the fact that it is super lightweight, and folds just perfectly in your bag. I wish I bought it sooner! Highly recommened to all mum and dads.

Love this!!

ANAYO baby hip seat
This is a must for the on the go mamas a total life saver! My daughter is very cuddly and clingy now and it’s perfect for when we go on a quick trip to the parks or malls!

ANAYO Baby Hip Seat
Dianne Nguyen

ANAYO Baby Hip Seat

We love it!

Very easy to use, easy to store and super convenient. My daughter loves being able to look around and not be stuck in a carrier.