It’s best suitable for the “carry me” and “put me down” phase. A compact toddler sling that just takes 5 seconds to wear.
- Compact : It’s small and lightweight, so it’s easy to carry around and can comfortably carry your child when needed. A drawstring storage pouch is included.

- Simple : It’s very easy to wear, so you can simply use it whenever your child asks to be held.

-Sophisticated Design : With a stylish and crossbody bag like design, you can still look fashionable even when you aren’t carrying your child.

- Expand Child’s View : Gooseket’s toddler sling broadens your child’s view more than a typical baby carrier, which lets a parent and child look at things on the same eye level.
This improves communication between a parent and child and satisfies children’s curiosity.

- All year round Comfort : The simple structure and minimalist design helps you to stay cool in the summer. In the cold seasons, both the parent and child can wear thick outer wear and still use the sling comfortably on top of the outer wear.

- Usable during pregnancy : Mothers who are pregnant are able to use the sling because it doesn’t have a waist belt that can give pressure to the belly. You can also take care of your older child who wants to be held by holding him/her sideways.

- Size Adjustable : The sling can be used for a long period of time holding up to 20kg. There is a back buckle where you can adjust the size flexibly, so both moms and dads can use the sling.
Easy and quick to wear.

How to use

Follow the steps below to learn how to wear the sling easily.
How the toddler sling was born…

“Our invention started based on real life parenting experience”.

I was on a hiking trip with my child and didn’t take a baby carrier on purpose because it was a short trail and also to reduce luggage. Not too long after we started walking, I had to carry my child because she kept on asking me to carry her. As time passed, my arms and back started to become sore, so I supported her with the crossbody bag I had on. I was very surprised that it made a huge difference. It helped distribute the weight evenly, which made it easier for me to carry her through the trail. This is when I felt that a baby carrier similar to the crossbody bag would be helpful for parents and toddlers.

After the trip, I put my thoughts into action and the invention process began. I wanted to create a product that’s lightweight, portable, and useful for parents and their children. During the process, we went through many multiple tests/samples and strict screening procedures. At the end, we were finally able to make the toddler sling born and now the toddler sling has become the best sellers among our line of products.

Ease parenting and outings with your child

Inspired by traveling with children and outdoor activities, Gooseket fulfills parents' desire to experience various things with their children.
Upgrade your parenting and enjoy more with a simple and functional design.

Hello, we are GOOSEKET

We wish parents who are raising great children who are our future to have a more enjoyable parenting life.