Once, while I was on a trip with my child, I unexpectedly had to climb a high hill.
Bravely, I decided to leave the baby carrier and the stroller, because I thought they would just be a burden.
My child was walking well, but I guess she got tired so she kept asking me to pick her up.
She didn’t want her dad to pick him up, and it was so difficult for me to carry her so I had to use my crossbody bag to support my child’s bottom and climb the hill.

The ANAYO Support Bag started like this. Now you can also understand why it looks like a crossbody bag, right? To support a child's weight securely, it should be strong but also also light and simple, so we made many samples and went through a lot of experiments, and finally developed the current Support Bag.

Now this bag is a must-have item for me when I go out with my child or go on a trip together.
After making and using the product for myself, I wanted to share this comfortable experience with other people, and I started to sell it.

We simplified the baby carrier wearing process, so you can simply wear it on one shoulder like a crossbody bag and simply pick up and put down your child.

You can hold your child face-to-face and heart-to-heart, which strengthens you and your child’s physical & emotional connection.

Renewed in 2020, ANAYO now has a buckle to adjust the size easily, so even for someone who has a bigger body can also use it, and we added a shoulder pad too so you can hold your child side-by-side.

In the winter, isn’t it uncomfortable to wear a baby carrier because of your thick padding or coat?
ANAYO is a crossbody bag style baby carrier, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space when you carry your child.
We recommend that you wear ANAYO inside of your coat.
It still looks stylish even when you aren't carrying your child, because of its crossbody bag style.