When I went out with my child in the winter, because of cold weather, I had to put on a thick blanket or my coat over the child carrier.
But it kept falling down and it was really uncomfortable for both me and my child.
I was thinking about how to reduce this discomfort and I got an idea after seeing my child’s father put his padded coat on our child. That’s how I came up with the Goose Down Baby Warmer.

In the beginning it wasn’t something I made to sell to others.
I put it together sloppily and as decoration I used a pom-pom that I had in my house.
But when I wore it and went out, many people approached me to ask me about this product and wanted to buy it.
So after going through the process of choosing fabrics and sampling products dozens of times, I started to make it for sale.

Because goose down is not an easy material to deal with, there aren’t many factories that produce goose down products.
Because GOOSEKET is working with a factory that has produced goose down products for over 10 years, we can produce great quality products quickly.

Other companies may try to imitate our products.
But, GOOSEKET is the only brand which started with a mother’s love for her child.