what does MAKBAG mean?

In Korean, MAK (막) is a short for MAKU (마구) which means, “unorganized behavior without any rules or order.”
GOOSEKET’s MAKBAG is a spacious storage bag that can be attached to your stroller. You can use it in various ways such as for camping, or as a shopping bag etc.

A stroller is essential when you go out with your child.
But portable strollers tend to have less storage space, so you have to carry additional bags on your shoulder or in your hands, which is inconvenient.
Average stroller storage bags are too small to fit big items such as a child carrier, coat, or shopping bags, and when you try to hang your bags on the stroller’s handles, often the stroller falls over due to the weight.

We were researching how to comfortably carry big items with a stroller, and invented this bag that you can hang on the bottom part of the stroller.
We made various designs from a bucket bag shape to a backpack to a shoulder bag etc, and even the non-fabric components took over 3 months to choose.
After testing it several times, we launched our current simply designed product.

 The MAKBAG may look simple, but the process to launch it wasn’t simple at all.

We used special high-density fabric which is normally used for hiking clothes, so it made the bag much lighter.

With two side velcro straps, you can easily install this bag anywhere, and it’s easy to carry around too by using the velcro as a handle. Because of the bag’s basic design, you can easily coordinate it with any kind of outfit.