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Must-Have item for potty training

Contrary to diapers which absorb any and all moisture, GOOSEKET Potty Training PJ shorts are designed to slowly absorb liquid and not as much as a diaper, which causes the child to feel a wet sensation and encourage them to go to the bathroom right away. It makes a quicker process for potty training. 

Product details

• Model - GOOSEKET Potty Training PJ Shorts

• Size(inches)

- M (Waist : 17 / Total Length : 13/ Leg opening : 34 / 18M-4T)

- L (Waist : 18 / Total Length : 15/ Leg opening : 36 / 4T-6Y)

• Fabric - Outer : 100% Polyester / Inner : 100% Cotton

• Color – Pink, Blue, Grey

• Manufacturer – GOOSEKET (Made in South Korea)

Measurement can be different depending on how you do it.
Screen colors may different as setting and natural light.
Pretty gingham prints in 3 colors

Wash instruction

After determining if it fits right, prewash them.

Machine washable – recommended use of a laundry net on gentle wash.

Machine washable with laundry net

1. Hand wash recommended

2. 30℃ water recommended

3. When product get stain wash it immediately

4. Use neutral detergent

5. Dry in the shade area


After determining if it fits right, prewash them.

1. GOOSEKET Potty Training PJ shorts are designed to slowly absorb liquid and not as much as a diaper.

2. Don’t leave the soiled PJ shorts for a long time. It can cause a bad reaction for the baby's skin. Please wash them as quickly as possible.

★ Should wear underwear as well as PJ shorts.

4. We recommend using it with a waterproof mattress cover for children who toss and turn a lot.

When should potty training short be used?

1. When you're not confident in potty training without diapers.

2. When your little one has wetted the bed on accident even when you have put a mattress waterproof cover.

3. When your little one moves around a lot in bed.

4. When your little one only has on underwear and are in a car for a long period of time.

5. When you feel exhausted from washing bed sheets frequently.

Use GOOSEKET Potty Training PJ shorts

Makes a quicker process for potty training.

1. Give plenty of opportunities

Make sure to offer the toilet to your child before going to sleep.

2. Remember timing is everything

If potty training is on a schedule or time-based system, use technology like timers and watches to make it fun and educational.

3. Use praise liberally

Clapping, singing songs, and
enthusiastically celebrating each win is the kind of encouragement that worksfor toddlers.

4. Give age-appropriate choices to your child

Would you like to potty before or after brushing your teeth? Which underwear would you like to wear?

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jessica Meier
Very happy

I bought two of these. They make potty training so much easier for me, and the little one!

Hello Jessica,
We are so glad to hear that our potty training pjs have helped you! :)
Thank you for your purchase!

Jennider Jung
Best potty pants

This is better than the potty training pants on Amazon— those are definitely thin and do not protect against any wetness. This is probably the thickest inner lining you will find. If your child pees a ton I’m sure it won’t hold it all but it will do a pretty good job if you have a younger kid you’re trying to train.

Sarah Jung
Cannot recommend for 4 year old boy

The material is soft and nice but too thin to handle the 4 year old pee 😵 it always wet the pants and bed 😭

The fundamental purpose of Water-resistant Pajamas is to help a child’s toilet training. This product minimizes the bed soiled and makes a child realize the uncomfortness when they peed while asleep and gradually potty trained.

Please wear briefs only, when using our Water-resistant Pajamas.
We also recommend using our item with a waterproof mattress bed cover when a child tosses and turns often or pee a lot.
If you’d like to know more about using it or have any other things to ask, please contact our CS center.